Whale, hello there!
Lil' Blue
The Fatal Blob
Swims in the Family
In the Hood
Aquatic Torpedo
Colorful Cacophony
Great Bite
Making A Living
Emerging to Submerge
Eye Spy
So Metal
Lunar Goop
Star of the Night
A Flash of Color
Lone Shark
Billowing Bubbles
Horn of the Stag
Let's Cuttle
Puffy Cartographer
A Lovely Day
Laxidasical Bliss
Colorful Cacophony

While researching coral reef rugosity within Tarutao National Marine Park: Koh Adang, a beautiful slurry of life presented itself in front of me. Dense schools of glass fish, outstretched soft corals, and crinoids posed above Porites- gorgeous marine life worth protecting!