Whale, hello there!
Lil' Blue
The Fatal Blob
Swims in the Family
In the Hood
Aquatic Torpedo
Colorful Cacophony
Great Bite
Making A Living
Emerging to Submerge
Eye Spy
So Metal
Lunar Goop
Star of the Night
A Flash of Color
Lone Shark
Billowing Bubbles
Horn of the Stag
Let's Cuttle
Puffy Cartographer
A Lovely Day
Laxidasical Bliss
Making A Living

Manta and mobula rays are being targeted by fishermen worldwide to sustain the Chinese medicinal gill plate trade. These graceful planktivores feed by filtering plankton through their feathery gill plates, which do not have the ability to detoxify or filter diseases from the human body upon consumption, mind you. As these local fisherman find an ends to a means of providing for their families, the Association of Coastal Conservation of Mozambique works to protect these animals down the beach.